Positive Mindset Academy Enrollment has closed

With registration closed, we now shift our focus to our community and teaching. 

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Find out what out lovely members are saying... 

"I love that to work on my own personal junk and that I can also inspire my clients is the best think about joining the Positive Mindset Academy. I feel empowered with knowledge, the mindset component was the missing link in what I teach in health and fitness and this has really joined all the dots."

Lovely Elisa - Personal Trainer + Founder, Embraced Mumma

"Since joining Insite Mind I finally have the tools I need to be able to change my life + help my clients + team. Rather than just reading about it, I can implement it and that has been so powerful for me. I feel empowered, like I am on the right path. It has given me confidence and belief in myself to go for my dreams + it was just that I needed to remove the negative self talk!"

Lovely Chantelle - Detox Queen + Founder, 4WellnessSake

"A year ago I sat in an Insite Mind workshop and made a goal to run a mindset workshop of my own. Today, just over a year later + with the help of Insite Mind I have run my first client paying workshop!! Thank you thank you thank you. I feel like I am living my passion."

Lovely Nikala - Former Financial Advisor + Founder, Rewired